New features launched in Telegram for iOS and Android versions

New features launched in Telegram for iOS and Android versions

New features launched in Telegram for iOS and Android versions : Video calling will now get even more – Hello friends Arpit Jain I heartily welcome you to this technology blogging website. Friends, if you are a Telegram user, then there is good news from a very big company for you. Instant messaging app Telegram has launched new features for video calling for its iOS and Android users.

For the information of all the users, let us know that Telegram app is an instant messaging application that is very popular. The Telegram application was launched in 2013. So far, more than 500 million people have downloaded this application. You can guess the popularity of this application from the fact that this application is included in the list of top 10 download applications.

New features launched in Telegram for iOS and Android versions

If you use Telegram instant messaging application, then you get a lot of features from the company. In Telegram you get features that you do not find in applications like WhatsApp. This is why telegram is becoming very popular among people very quickly. And Telegram company is gradually launching features in this application.

The discussion about these new features of Telegram was going on for a long time. But now Telegram has launched this new features on the occasion of its seventh anniversary. With the launch of this Telegram teachers, you can now have more fun in making video calling. Currently, the company has launched this feature only on the alpha version.

It has been told by Telegram that these features are only video calling end to end encrypted. And Telegram company has also launched a special emoji matching feature for testing these features. And from the Telegram company, it has also been said that the company is going to launch group video calling features very soon.

At the time of launching this new features of Telegram, the company told that the video calling feature picture supports two pictures. That is, if you are doing video chat with someone, then you can do other things in the smartphone by calling video chat. Any user can very easily go from video call to normal call.

With the help of this new feature of Telegram, you can talk to anyone by going to your contact profile. And with the help of this features, you can understand very easily whether your calling is secure or not. If you are seeing four emojis on your screen while calling, then it means that you are calling secure. And if four emojis do not appear while calling, then you assume that your calling is not secure.

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